Another week has gone by and I am here with the books that I am planning on reading this week. As well as with the books that I have finished and posts that you will be seeing soon.

What I’ve Read:

Last week I finished 4 books. 2 were book Tours and I’ve already posted the reviews/ promo posts for those.

Witchblood by Matthew Erman

3 Stars

This was a blog tour book, and the review has been posted. You can read my full thoughts here.

Heathen: The Complete Series Omnibus edition by Natasha Alterici

2.5 Stars

This was a promotional post I did for the blog tour. My full thoughts can be found on The Storygraph or it will be posted in a wrap-up.

Crush the King by Jennifer Estep

5 stars

This is a book that came from my review backlog. It is the final book in the Crown of Shards trilogy. You will see a full review of this and the second book Protect the Prince sometime this month.

I also finished another book from my review backlog but it is not SFF . (Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson. )

Upcoming Posts:

I have a blog tour stop coming up this week for Ballad & Dagger by Daniel Jose Older, and that will contain my full review.

I am also currently (finally) finishing up my quarterly wrap up posts. They will be going up this week. I know I am severely behind, but hey at least I will be finished with the first quarter before the end of the second quarter.

And if everything goes my way, my Series Saturday posts will come back this week and continue on.

Currently Reading:

I am currently reading Ballad & Dagger and I will pick up Bravely next. I am pretty sure that these will not be the only books that I read this week. I have 2 audiobooks that I want to get to, besides the one that I am currently listening to. But, I have decided to use the Wyrd & Wonder Bingo Board to pick my extra reads this month, so it will really depend on what I am able to make my way through. I guess if you come back next week you’ll see what I ended up finishing.

It’s not too late to participate in Wyrd & Wonder. If you want more information check out Imyril’s blog here.

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Always Shine,

P & P