Week 2’s reading consists of Chapters 6 -11.

1. We’ve seen a bit more of Hazel in this next section, as well as brief points of view from Ben and Jack. How are we feeling towards this trio and their dynamics?

Hmmm… I am not too sure what to make of the trio. I think that Hazel does make it a point to say that Ben And Jack are friends more so than she and Jack are. Which would explain why Ben is not so bothered by the small weird personality changes that happens when Jack tries to warn them. But on the other hand, I’m also curious why Hazel never suspected anything.

2.On the topic of dynamics, what do we think of the siblings now that we’ve seen a bit more of Ben and Hazel’s history? Do you think they can come out of everything that’s happening with an intact relationship?

I am happy that they have each other and that they are both willing to risk themselves for the other. I don’t know if their relationship will be intact at the end. There are a lot of secrets between them – we know what Hazel is keeping from Ben, but what is Ben keeping from Hazel? I think that they will still have a relationship, but how intact it will be depends on when and how those secrets are revealed.

3. We have finally caught a glimpse of the Horned Prince, Severin. What are first impressions, and what do you think his story and intentions might be?

My first impression is that while he may be the good guy in this story, he really needs to work on his delivery and his threats that they’ll see him again. But then again-he is fae and no fae is really a completely good guy.

4. “The city’s a lot like the deep, dark fairy-tale woods of Fairfold, right?” Ben asks Hazel in a flashback scene. What do you make of this comparison and its implications? (end questions)

Okay, I had to find this quote because I think that the context is important. And it’s not actually said in a flashback, it’s when they’re in the little cabin waiting for the horned boy. Ben wants to go to the city so that he can change into whoever he wants to be. So that tells me that he’s not comfortable being himself in Fairfield. He sees the city as a place for transformation. And if he’s comparing it to the woods of Fairfold… a place that appears to be forbidden to humans unless they are willing to pay the price. Hazel made a bargain in the woods and it cost her 7 years of her life… and some other costs that we will find out later. So what is it that Ben is willing to give up for the chance of being normal? Ironically nothing good comes from fairytale woods, why doesn’t anyone think about that when they’re romanticizing the woods?

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